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Really? has the new surface gone sh*t a la Silverstone; it's not something I've heard?? GP riders were getting an extra second or two on the lap times saying it was mega grippy.
Phillip Island

I know the thread is for euro days but is anyone else on the Philip Island trip with NoLimits in January?

I may be there on 7-9 Jan 19 subject to work commitments. I rode the circuit a couple of seasons ago and it was absolutely superb!
Phillip Island

Back in Spring?

(Season :p )

Unfortunately not. The benefit however is that getting to Australia is rather easy and Phillip Island is only +2 hours ahead. A visit to the Macau GP is first though...
the only time jerez killed tyres was when they first resurfaced it back end of last yr,and that was due to it being so new,we was the 1st bikes out on it after the re surface,i've been 3 times since and it's fine on tyres (as long as set up/pressures are good).they have had a few issues with the track lifting in places and have fixed it by injecting something into the the tarmac to hold it together,makes no odds to grip but makes the area look wet which can be a little off putting at first,the other issue is soem of the kerbs are starting to break up a little,again no major issue.i'd be suprised idf they redo the whole track,maybe just fix the effected areas,but dont know that for definate.
my favourite track,go at least 3 times a yr and back there in december with NL :)

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