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  • Hi, sorry to bother you, I've got 2012 s1000rr, decat with acro shorty , with pc5, been to the bike tuner, but it's still so lumpy and not smooth low down, just seeing how you got on with yours. Sorry to be a pain. Kind regards Gareth
    Sorry i didnt see this message. Im not getting on well with this site. I dont seem to get notifications. If there is a posibility i can see the service outside i will try and come up.
    My email is [email protected]
    I am off to work now and i have no phone signal there. Only emails work there.
    Im thinking about attending.
    Can you let me know if you hear of any more updates for example if we are allowed to attend please.
    My name is michael potter. Not sure if you know me or not but ive been round snett a few times with baz and i was really upset to hear what happened.
    Hi. Are you going to baz funeral? Im not sure if we are allowed to go in current situations
    Hey Alex I?m interested in the rapidbike either evo or race.. is the race worth the extra $?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.. also who is the preferred vender on here?
    Hi Alex,

    I'm interested in a rapidbike unit. I was after the evo. Main aim is to sort fuelling out. I'm on a stock 16 plate that I've decatted. Think it's running lean as it's melted the internals of my end can! My cousin may go for one also, but I can't do anything until end of month. Does the race have a load more advantages over the evo? I don't need out lane feature or quick shifter as I'm happy with stock items, so I guess the only advantage is the ignition adjustment. Your advice/comments would be appreciated :)


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