2020 Forum meet - 26th July


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Schuey what time are you heading up there as I am South Herts based near M25/A1

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Hi Valhalla64, you may want to drop HertsTif a message, he's based in your neck of the woods so perhaps you can ride up together. He's meeting me around mine in West Mids for 9am, we going to have a coffee and then we riding up together. Be good if you can join us. :)

7 of us met up on the outskirts of Chesterfield for a ride out today. Good day out to meet all of you, traffic was a bit pants but as to be expected on a Sunday in July. The weather stayed dry most of the time with only a few sprinkles of rain.

Valhalla I trust you got recovered ok and the rest of you made it home safely.
I am all good thanks. Had a great time.


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Good to meet you all, sorry the traffic was so busy, i think next time we go for an early start to miss the traffic.

Mick glad your ok and If you need anything at this end sorting re moving bike etc just let me know il help where i can.
Evening all, was an absolute pleasure meeting all of you and I really enjoyed the sweeping bends and scenery of Derbyshire :)

Thanks to Soof for organising it and Ekdg for leading the way. Ekdg knew the roads like the back of his hand and I felt confident following him as he knew the roads so well. Thanks for the morning coffee Valhalla64 and Budgie for the lunch treat, very kind of you gentlemen. :)

Here are some pics from the day:






I look forward to the next one and hopefully something can get sorted for September!
Great to meet you guys today and put some faces to names. Probably didn't get to see the best of them roads today with all the traffic. Hope you got back ok Mick and if you need any help with your bike mate then just drop me a pm. Be good to arrange North Yorkshire in September Andy.
Glad you had a good day guys and that the weather was OK [emoji846]
The bikes look great, very cool seeing them all lined up [emoji41]
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Thanks for the pics.

It was pretty cool 7 gen 4 bikes rumbling through the villages and towns together.

I will have a look at September. The talk was of possibly taking an overnighter on the Friday or Saturday, or possibly both. It?s up for discussion.

I am aching this evening. I am getting too old for days out on sports bikes.
Glad to hear you all had a good day. Sorry I couldn't make it - my bike is still in Spain.

Your new bikes are all looking really great. Hope the next meet-up will allow some of the 'classic' BMW S1000RRs to join in :friendly_wink:
Sorry I'm late to post, I had the misfortune of getting a puncture on the way home so I wasn't home until 11pm. TPS system caught it very quickly so hopefully no damage to the carbon rim. BMW Assistance got it plugged and I was sent on my way, but it took quite a while.

Anyway, great to see everyone and meet up in person. Fabulous roads and well led by Ekdg. Hope I can make the next one.

Oh, and soof, I'm aching like crazy too. Almost 500 miles for me yesterday.
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Great meeting you all , takes some getting used to riding in a group but was so good a load of us out together , think we got eye balled altogether going through matlock together, ;)look forward to the next

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