2020 Forum meet - 26th July


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Aug 6, 2013
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On the (maybe misguided) assumption that meetings of more than 6 people will be allowed in due course, I am thinking of a forum meet up. I have zero interest in a multi day trip this year due to the obvious accommodation problems, so it?s got to be somewhere where the majority can get to and back in a day. My first thoughts is Derbyshire which is fairly central to give most members the opportunity to attend. It?s more of a social gathering than a bike rally, which would break the streak of forum meet annual crashes, which would be nice.

If there is sufficient interest we can stitch something together.

Any thoughts or suggestions welcome?
Re: 2020 Forum meet

Ofc meetings are allowed, 3rd one in last week and half is happening right now in London.
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Re: 2020 Forum meet

Not sure we will get quite as many to the forum gathering.
Re: 2020 Forum meet

We have had a peaceful demo in Swindon today....bloody morons...

Anyway location dependant - I'm in!
Re: 2020 Forum meet

Any days best, i.e. Saturday or Sunday? I am thinking a weekend in July?
Re: 2020 Forum meet

Given enough notice any day as I can just get it booked off.... depending how where I may stay over....
Re: 2020 Forum meet

I have added a poll with dates. If none of those work I can add more....
Re: 2020 Forum meet

Hi Andy, count me in, any day and I can make arrangements. I?m Midlands based anyway, be a nice ride up to Derbyshire. Perhaps we can ride around the Peaks?
Re: 2020 Forum meet

Count me in too!
With a bit of luck hotels should be open by then, so may very well stay over night depending on the days plan [emoji41]

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