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How many recalls have Brembo had in the last two years? Loads.

Hop onto YouTube and watch the dozens of journos who have rode the bike at the Estoril launch. They’ve all said the brakes are better than the outgoing model. Which have Brembo’s. I know. I have a 2016 Sport. The brakes are brilliant.

If BMW and bike testers say the new brakes are better, why would you doubt that having never ridden the bike? Doesn’t make sense to me.
ive missed it where they have said there better. all i have seen is not as aggressive initial bite and brake fade being mentioned. i will go back through the videos just to see how many times people are saying there better. im in no way saying there not better as i havnt tried them and not everyone likes hard biting brakes but it seems to come up loads on the forums and videos. right from the start i said BMW wouldn't make a better faster bike without fitting equipment to suit. we will see shortly im sure.