Jerez 3rd to 5th April 23


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Jan 29, 2016
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Booked with No Limits.

Let the preparations begin.

Well it is Xmas. (Nearly)

Soft front
2x Medium rear (one for Portimao the following month)

Still got 1 kidney left [emoji23]

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bob special ;)

the price of tyres is going to be the biggest thing putting peo-le off soon, it's geting silly, and the faster you go, the quicker they wear out!!
oh and i'll be on a new bike for that trip, fiuirst time out on it is suspect so be interesting to see how it goes compared to my bm (going for a blade for a change..)
Would love to be planning some but have too many unknowns before June.

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Back from Swindon where I?ve loaded the bike. No Limits have got new stillages made?.
Oh great I hear you say?. NOPE? !

Totally the opposite. 300mm narrower. All the kit bags had to be emptied and items tactically placed loose around the stillage.

A lot of pissed of people loading this morning?.


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i'm on 1 of the red stillages, not ideal but managed to make it work. reason they are using mostly smaller ones is rider number, if they used the bigger stillages, they would have had to use another wagon, which is a big cost factor, this way managed to get all bikes on 2 trailers.

looking forward to it :)
i'll be the BMW forum member, not on a BMW ;)

jackson racing blade.will be next to tyre garage i suspect, ususally with a marlboro in my hand :) (or my laptop as doing a bit of bike set up....)
yea saw that yesterday, i've never seent eh new stillages before,tey do look smaller than even the red ones,which are tight when your used to the big grey ones (which i am...).managed the red ones ok with a little imagination,and helps if your sharing with someone you know, but obviously caugght a lot of people out
Enjoy, fabulous track, great flow, lots of high speed corners. 3, 4, 5 is probably my favourite section but the last 3 right handers are close...
2 proper sessions in (that have not been red flagged) and I?m on a 2:20:18?
#InTheBlueGroupForAReason [emoji23]

First time on this track. Still learning [emoji2958]
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