Alex's 2023 Gen 5


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Ultimate stoppers.
Managed to get a full set for ?216 which those that know will confirm is a low price.

I think DR Bikes made a mistake but I am not complaining.

These spare RST's will have to wait a while now...

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Best pads I've tried ...... DR Bikes are the cheapest I've seen for these - even for the 4 pad Gen 3 calipers which are normally the most expensive, they are "only" ?320.
Currently weighing up going full track mode again this winter, kills me to see the OEM bodywork get roughed up by track work. Now I have moved back to London I can't see me road riding much.

Does anyone know if the K66 2023 MRR track fairings bolt onto the K67? I mean, if I am going track then why not go the whole hog?
Got a few bits ready to go on over winter already :)
I failed to mention, the bike is in Norwich, for insurance purposes.
I need something less ballistic for the road.
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