Down shift assist?


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They had a look at mine on Monday when it was in for the service.. said it seemed ok and just recalibrated it anyway. Will see how it goes if it ever stops raining 🙄😂
Sounds like maybe they don't know how to fix it. We'll see in a week, when mine goes in for a service.
My 2020 goes down silky smooth with no throttle...I think you can go down with a tiny amount of revs but don't quote me on that..
does it? so it changes down/blips even on partial throttle opening? never heard of that before, but i dont have 1 so will take your word for it.
Yes i can confirm.
You can downshift even on full throttle. Amazing.
My 22 went in for an annual service at 3k miles, they've adjusted the adaptions, but it's still the same. Stiff to change down with the throttle closed, but really light with slight throttle. Something else, the clutch is very sharp when pulling away, less than 3k revs and it's easy to stall. My Gen 2 clutch wasn't like this.
I wonder if it's something that BMW would rather not fix, unless they really have to.
I wonder if it's something that BMW would rather not fix, unless they really have to.
Yes, possibly. Especially as it’s not inherent in every bike. I’ve taken to try and change my riding style with early downshifts using partial throttle. It ruins the ride some days, and will never enable a smooth but rapid ride as you can’t always anticipate braking requirements accurately (which interfere with manual blips!). As for track days - forget em. Not a good position for BMW as I don’t exalt the model anymore (sad face).
May be unrelated, but using shift assist my gen2 changed up smoother when the gearbox was under load. Seems the same for changing down on the gen 4. Come the end of the riding season, I'll expect it to be sorted out under warranty.
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