Alex's 2023 Gen 5


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Thanks Alex. Did you have to pay any taxes? I’ve heard lots of good things on RPM (including value for money) but was cautious about where to buy from.
Yes, £46 for the 3 items which were $925USD
The guy at RPM is always happy to send it through with a low value ie around $100. Most companies are if you ask. I’ve only once been refused by an American company. RPM Stuff is lovely.
Nice bike Alex, mate of mine bought exact same model last week, we fitted his front and rear axle bobbins.. Bit of a waste of money if you ask me, doubt they will save much in an off, same with the frame crash bobbins, the body work (wings) stick out miles beyond. Both beautifully made by Evotech, but still... the coupe de grace were the BMW Plastic Rad and Oil Guards, what a load of shite, cheap plastic crap that we gave up trying to fit, Glasgow handed them to him, there were 5-6 plastic blanking "screws" you know the push fit ones that didn't seem to go anywhere, both guards never seemed to locate anywhere proper and certainly nothing to attach them too, it would appear the just sat in situ near location tabs, which didn't really locate.. so he'll be handing thos back when it goes in for it's derestriction.. anyone else fitted those, I thought they were total shite.
I had the BMW rad guards. I thought they were great. I think I was the only one on the forum that liked them. Plastic so didn't chip or rust, held in place by the rest of the fairing. The best bit, they were thick, not flat sheet metal. The holes were big but because of the depth BMW had shaped them like a venetian blind. When you look down on them, the holes were big. Look from the bottom of the fork wheel (where all the crud comes from) you couldn't see the holes at all, just flat plastic. Great idea.
I'm now braced for the flak I'll get.

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