S1000RR (0D10) Random shutoff & and can't start when hot!


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May 15, 2024
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I am new to this forum, I think this is the correct category to post my problem, if not please move this thread to where it should post.


Okay Bought a S1000RR HP4 0D10 K46 (Con. Date: 2015.11). Bike is having a unusual problem that when it's cold start, it's fired up right away and when came back from a ride and once shut off, it's can't be fired up again... engine is cracking but not even trying to start up... when it happen, we have to wait like 15-20min+ to fire it up again. But today i did a cold start and left it idle till radiator cooling fans turn on. And then tried turning engine off and crack up again, surprisingly bike start right away with no issue, tired it few times by tuning off the key even... still fires up without any problem... so this seems to be not just beacause it's "hot" but something else... and my friend gave a ride too... he said when it comes for a stop, bike randomly cuts off... so when he tried to start it at same time it start but if he leave for like 3-5min and tried to start then no luck... just cranking only.

I have scanned the bike true a scanner and it have some DTC's too, as I attach the report to this post. The bike have an aftermarket exhaust so there's no servo motor... so better ignor that servo dtc.

I hope to have help from this forum members to solve this issue without throwing parts on it.

Thank you.

New update;

Now the electronic fuel pump DTC seems to be a permanent DTC which can't be deleted (comes back when re scanning).


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