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Thread: Carfection - Rory Reid rides an RR

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    Re: Carfection - Rory Reid rides an RR

    Quote Originally Posted by alex View Post
    Yes, but I heard conflicting information after his TV show saying he was still involved at CSS?
    Seems like a great guy though, would have liked to have been tutored by him.
    Yes Andy is a great guy and was a very good rider, and no he is no longer involved at CSS.

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    Re: Carfection - Rory Reid rides an RR

    Had never heard of Rory Reid before reading this thread, just watched the video and fair play to the guy he is obviously new to bikes but tried his best without killing himself.

    Riding without using the brakes is a technique that I was tested on when I was a Copper back in the day.
    I had to drive an unmarked traffic car from Edinburgh south towards the border and cover sixty miles in under sixty minutes without touching the brakes, which would result in a fail, all went well until about 50 miles in I overtook a boy racer in an XR2 exiting a long radius corner. He treated my manoeuvre like a red rag to a bull and floored it and overtook me on the entry into another corner shortly afterwards, he was carrying too much speed and slammed his anchors on just in front of me.
    F13k knows how I never collected him but he shat himself when I put the blues on in the grill, as he slowed the 3 of us in the car all in uniform just gave him the bird and carried on without stopping. That was the closest I came to touching the brakes, but it really makes you aware of your corner entry speed.

    I always wondered if his mates would beleive him when he told them the story.

    Those of you on the NC500 run that rode behind Keith on the GSA last year would have noticed that his brake light hardly ever comes on, unless there is a burger van nearby.


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    Re: Carfection - Rory Reid rides an RR

    He did look very noobie. I know I definitely been there.

    Probably the wrong bike to start with. Too much power too easy to go in soft slowly around and hammer it on the way out.

    Cost of the bike too. Afraid to push Abit harder in case you lowside.

    And a damp/wet day on road tires was never gonna help

    If ya want to see me look exactly like this look at robertsracing on Facebook or Roberts racing cork on Instagram.

    I went racing a sv650 so I couldn't hide anything with having better gear. And I started looking just like that.

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