That time when yr heartbeat trebles


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May 22, 2012
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My friend (honest...), decided on a run out, been dry overnight and due no rain with 10-12d forecast. After a couple of hours poodling around, visiting a couple of bike shops, bacon sarnie from the muck in a truck on the side of the road AND sticking to ALL the speed limits decided to head home.
He was squeezed out when a car undertook him (40mph dual carriageway) not badly so let slide as he was in a good mood lol. Followed it down the slip to join the motorway which was a ten mile run to his exit, no cameras to worry about....
Well the horns came out when the car entered straight out to the third lane and of course he followed to maybe show him that it wasn't a moped. Car swerved out in front of car in question and took off like a bat out of hell, car pulled over, game on !!
Well, he was well into 3 figures and closing when 2 blue flashing lights appeared in the rear window, my friend thanked them and eased off rather rapidly as they disappeared into the distance .... :cower:
Hahaha.. been there on the M8 just past Glasgow Airport.. not three figures tho but way over the limit, was an unmarked 3 series.. cringe!

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Mate of mine was bombing up the A11 to Norwich and a late hour. He sees a truck in the he approaches he notices a car tailing the truck.

It pulled out after he went by...

Blues on.

He thought about it...and decided to try to empty the tank of fuel getting home (600HP big Single Turbo Supra...5 miles of dual carriageway).

Got to the driveway, leccy garage up and down very quickly...

Got out and everything was ticking from heat soak.
Not only does it treble your heart rate, I generally see my licence hanging from the mirror and the thread that's holding it to the mirror is gently smouldering........
I have been exceptionally lucky on the bike, not so much in the car.

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