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Oct 25, 2016
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Hi all anyone using the PZ Racing GPS laptimer receiver on their gen 4 and any feedback good or bad please?
I had one. (still have it chucked away in its box somewhere) At first it didn't work so sent it back. They re programmed it and all was fine, that is untill you run off track and it spits it's dummy out. I'll let it go cheap with the buttons if you want to try it. It will need re programming though. With the switchgear is was over £600
Thanks for the response……when you say ‘with the buttons’ what are you referring to? I’m just looking to plug in the gps receiver so as it automatically tracks laptimes and displays on the dash rather than needing to use the headlight flasher. I use an aim solo just now but no room to mount it on the gen4 next to the tft screen like I did on my gen 2.
Might be less hassle overall to get a kelfab mount for the Aim made exactly to your liking/needs. He has a fork mount, but could probably make something which sits further from the dash.

where have you positioned the GPS unit out of interest? I’ve been told on the tail unit is the best place for reliability.
I got an extension cable made and located it on the top of the tail piece.................helped but still hit and miss. I've now bought a 2D unit.

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