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May 9, 2024
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Hello all
New to BMW and new to this forum
Orignally from Beirut, Lebanon, residing in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

I purchased a brand new 2024 S1000RR M Package in December.
I have been riding for about 20 years
Upgrading from a fully modded and tuned 2014 Triumph Daytona 675R (still in possession back home).
I'm a big DIY guy with my own garage back home but now in the UAE I'm going to have to do the maintenance and modding at the shops.

I have been loving this bike and I'm just in awe at all the power and tech on this bike.

I will be looking to get some info about the Bren tune and how to get around the warranty issue. The flat spots and restrictions are just too much and It makes me kind of angry that BMW are getting away with this. But I'll save this for another post in the right forum.

For now just saying hi.
Bike's got 3500 Km (around 2100 miles) on it and I just got familiar enough with it that I'm starting to notice the factory restrictions and flat spots on the bike.

So far got some stuff as follows

  • Evotech Performance radiator and header guards
  • Evotech Performance fork sliders, swing arm sliders, frame sliders (not installed yet), and paddock stand spools
  • Evotech Performance passenger footpeg blanking plates
  • Evotech Performance license plate delete for track days
  • A few stickers to fill up the empty space on the fairings
  • Puig Z racer windscreen, light smoke
  • Removed that ugly chain guard

As i said, looking into the Bren tune and a few exhaust options, leaning towards Akrapovic headers with stock muffler but still undecided.

Nice to meet everyone and any info you guys can share about the above and extra details to note would be appreciated.
Hope to be able to help new members in the near future.


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