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Nov 19, 2015
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East Lothian
Had a quick search and only found one other issue like this that concerned fitting aftermarket LED indicators and it didn't really draw any conclusions other than it was resolved finally.

But having bought some LED indicators from Motodynamics over in USA I got round to fitting them yesterday and ran into the issue of them not working when the engine is running.

Naturally when I was wiring them up I followed the instructions that were supplied and the advice I got from Motodynamics themselves who advised that no ECU flash is required for their kits to work.

So what you get in the box (be it front or rear indicators) is 2 indicators and a set of resistors.

The advice was fit the resistors to the rear set only if I was removing a standard bulb type indicator kit.

So all 4 indicators fitted with the resistors fitted to each of the rear ones, turned the ignition on and they are working absolutely fine.

Put the bike back end together again, stood back to marvel at my genius and listen to the new exhaust I had also fitted and in doing so started her up.

turn the indicators on and nothing whatsoever other than the LAMP warning on the dash.

Now the advice I have been given by Motodynamics is that it is possible that the ECU has been flashed already and that it may not need the resistors fitted to the rear LED's at all, now I am not sure that makes sense as I would have thought if the ECU was flashed for LED use already then surely if it was running normal bulbs it would have also had problems or at least been reporting something??

So I have been advised to remove the resistors and try again without and if that fails fit them to the front only, again I am not sure that fitting them to the front isn't just going to replicate the problem given that they are all part of the same circuit??

Anyone experienced this as I have found very few instances of this by searching the web so far :D

The bike is a 2014 so I am not sure what software upgrades have been done by BMW over that generation bike or even if it has ever been flashed with an upgrade.

My only experiences with LED indicators have been that they tend to flash too fast and need resistors when replacing bulb indicators, and for the life of me I can't see why they would work when the engine is off but fail to work with it running :D
I can't offer anything about your last question other than the voltage might change when all the consumers and engine is running, the canbus decides where to send power around the various accessories.

bikes that are flashed for LEDs should only need rear resistors, not front - I think that's the right way round :). Edit - wrong way round I think!
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I think tomorrow when i get home it will be a case of just trying the different combinations of without the resistors and adding one at a time (that was also a suggestion that came up).

But i did wonder if with the engine running there would be a change in the demand on the voltage/watts etc :)
Got a chance to have a play with the indicators today and found that it was as simple as putting the resistors on the front indicators instead of the rear ones, all working now and no ECU flash needed as promised by Motodynamics :)
For anyone looking for a clean back end to their bike then I can highly recommend the Motodynamics stuff, particularly their tailtidy which is plug and play.

The quality of their kit is extremely good, all the connections are properly terminated with decent fittings and heatshrunk as well as having the waterproof covers.

Particularly impressed with the tail tidy and the flush mounted rear indicators they do which are extremely bright too, all their indicator kits come with a set of resistors too.

Last of all their customer service, particularly Harry has been second to none, given that they are 8 hours behind us over in California they have returned my emails promptly and looked after me in regards to the customs side of life too :D



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I have these too on my 2012 and they are really excellent. Also as stated in the previous post, the guy Henry is second to none regarding help (i had the issue that needed resistors on the front but not the rear). I just wish that the UK dealers were as helpful as this chap.

Hi, I´have installed a motodynamic tail light in my s1000rr 2018 model and worked well for some years, and now sudenly the low light stoped working, but the turn signals and stop lights continue working fine.
I´ve disamble the light and I saw a reset buttom but nothing, continue the same without working.
Do you think its broken o what could it be, becouse I didnt touch anything...


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