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Part For Sale


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Nov 18, 2015
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Hull, East Yorkshire
HI all. Well I seem to have messed up my first attempt at selling on a few parts no longer required by me, due to the sale of my lovely Generation 3. I've not been on much since I sold the bike, so the new site format caught me out. First let me say, to those who don't know me, I've been a member here for several years and a Premier member for a further two years.
So what am I selling, I hear you ask?

I have a full set of front Brembo brake pads, both sides, purchased from Alan Jefferies and not used, as I sold the bike. The pads are in two BMW sealed packs each with the BMW part number..... 34 11 7714 800.
That's a total of 8 pads, all bearing the name Brembo on the metal backing.
These were to fit my 2015 Gen3 S1000RR, so will fit quite a few BMW's I expect!
With postage etc., these cost me over £144.00. I still have the invoice which I will send on!
How about £70.00 posted?

Also for sale are a front fork oil seal kit for the same machine. This also is in a BMW sealed bag, comprising the main fork seal, the wire circlip that locates the seal and the top seal that is positioned above the circlip. That's the full set to overhaul one fork leg.
the part number for this is, 31 42 8 548 880
That was also purchased at Jefferies and cost me £50.00.
How does £25.00 posted sound?

I have some more new stuff up in my loft (things I took off when I added carbon fibre etc.,) I'll take a look when time permits and perhaps see if anyone may be interested.
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I’ll take the pads off your hands. If you’re in West Yorkshire I’ll happily pick them up when out for a spin at the weekend to save the hassle of posting.
I’ll take the pads off your hands. If you’re in West Yorkshire I’ll happily pick them up when out for a spin at the weekend to save the hassle of posting.
Hi KMAC77…
I think I may be a little too far from you, being in Hull, East Yorkshire, formally North Humberside.
Post code HU67YD.
It’s up to you. Just let me know and I’ll fit in with you, collect or post?
Take a look at your sat nav and please get back to me👍
That’s grand. It’s an hour for me and if I can take a bit of a detour. I’ll message you later today on when I can make it and hopefully that works for you.
In case you didn’t see my PM, 4 o’clock is fine.
I’ll have the kettle on👍
Hi guys, just to let you know the Brembo brake pads were sold yesterday evening!
Anyone want the front fork seal kit?
It’s still for sale at £25.00 posted.

I also have for sale the front fork (electronic) gubbins complete with springs for both front forks.
These were purchased from a firm specialising in dismantling brand new S1000RR’s and preparing them for racing. So these are essentially brand new, having never been on the road.
They were purchased from a 2016 BMW S1000RR just for spares
As I thought then, if I had an issues with mine, they would cost a fortune to buy from BMW!

Anyway £50.00 if anyone wants them.

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