Gen4 2022. Oil leak.


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Oil leaks seem to be an ongoing problem with BMW S1000RR M Sports , Believe it or not, I’m now on my forth ( yes ) forth bike from BMW, before going into to much detail, I have to be honest and say the garage and BMW have been excellent, although the whole process is starting to wear a bit thin.
I do not believe the bike is designed to be ridden hard in extreme heat for days on end, unfortunately, this is my play time travelling around Europe for two weeks twice a year with 6 mates ( who ) are all on different brands of bikes without any issues.
I purchased my first in 2020, replaced for a 2021, then replaced for a 2022, and I’m now on my current 2023 .
I’ve also had 4 sets of cush drive rubbers and two airbox sensors amongst other minor problems, the only saving grace, I’m not a penny out of pocket, but, I’ve lost six days of riding while away on my holiday.
My only real gripe, BMW recovery were useless, fortunately we take a van to carry clothes and spares which got me home.
How did the airbox sensor fault present itself?

I will have to pay attention to my '23 in the heat at Mugello!
I think mine has gone. Got a small leak coming from around the same area. Sadly my bike's warranty just expired :(

Oh and local BMW dealer is fully booked until 9 April. So no riding it for me
Oil/Water pump is the same part - they seem to be a weak link. Because so many have been replaced I would hope they do approve it.
I’m not an expert, but I am fussy about my bikes.
The oil leak caused by a faulty/unseated seal in the oil pump sounds like a manufacturing fault. The fact that it affects some but not all suggests this isn’t a design fault, but an assembly issue. I wonder if, once it is wrong the casing is distorted. If so, repair by replacement of the pump and/or seal with generous smear of sealant will only work till the sealant is worn away. If this is the case, the whole sump and pump are screwed and will need replacing. It may knock on to other components up stream. That could get v expensive.
On the knocking forks with weeping seals. When I changed my S1000RR for a new one 2 yrs ago, I was sensitive to the issue and loosened all the front axle bolts and bounced the front. Then I realised that unless the semi active suzzies were on, this would make little difference. So switched the bike on, bounced it on the front forks and then with the suzzies still on, tightened the axle bolts and pinch bolts as per the manual. No leaks and no knocks so far.
I’ve found if you present the dealer with evidence off the web that it’s a known problem, they pass it on to BMW and the mothership replace the part even when out of warranty. You just pay for labour. I had the leds on the the bottom of the dash on my Gen3 start to burn the dash. Known problem and BMW were on their 3 design of the circuit board from memory when my clocks were replaced a couple of years out of warranty.

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