Front Sprocket Removal Help?


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Aug 25, 2022
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Any tricks to removing the front sprocket on a Gen3?

I've straightened the flat spacer, wooden block to lock the rear wheel and breaker but the thing didn't shift.

Is there a trick to knocking the nut off or do I just need to use brute force?

Can borrow a mates impact gun if thats a better option but didn't think it would be that difficult.
actually, make sure ou are going right to the base of the nut, it needs to be a deep socket, dont try lossening using the top iof it, i've seen others tring to do that, can end up twisting the nut
Yep, an impact driver is the easiest. If you can get a family member to push down on the rear brake whilst it’s in first gear and have a longish breaker bar it’ll come loose. J
Thanks guys, was debating changing it this week as I’m at Donny on Thu and Anglesey on Fri but will just do it when I’m back.

Will borrow a mates impact to do the job.
I had no bother loosening the nut, keeping the wheel static was my issue :)
haha fuck me, the things alpha come up to take your money!!
but it's got the alpha logo on it, thats full factory that :)

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