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Thread: Engine light with full system

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    Engine light with full system

    Hi, I have a new Gen 4 (my 2nd one).... my 1st 1 had a full arrow system and remap done at the same time. My new 1 has had the system transferred from my 1st but map not yet done as still running in. Has anyone had a full system fitted before a remap and if so did you get the engine warning light? And error message saying Engine!? The dealer said to buy a healtech module but I'm concerned there may be issues?

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    Re: Engine light with full system

    I had a full system on my gen 4 with no engine light and never got round to doing a remap.

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    Re: Engine light with full system

    Did you disconnect exhaust valves or tie them up

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    Re: Engine light with full system

    if you fit a AKRO full system it comes with some parts that fit in the servo motor, this will then trick the system and you do not get the fault codes.

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