View Full Version : Quies Foam Earplugs Review

5th August 2017, 06:43 PM
Unlike some of my other reviews this one is rather short as there's really not much to say about disposable foam earplugs lol ...
However, I have to say these are the best earplugs I've ever used.

Use: Several years both on the bike and whilst sleeping nightly.
They are disposable so change them periodically.

Material/Performance: A very soft, almost waxy foam which is supremely comfortable and holds a compressed shape very well making for easy insertion into the ear canal.
The sound attenuation is very good indeed and is the best I've experienced thus far.

Where to buy: I buy them from my local pharmacy, however, they are available online from several places so there should be no issues sourcing them.

Conclusions: I can't fault them, they are relatively cheap, made of the best "foam" I've felt and perform to the highest standard of any ear plug I've used (I have had custom moulds in the past too ...).
So, if you're open to trying new earplugs, I simply can't recommend these highly enough



5th August 2017, 07:34 PM
How did you get on with the moulded ones? I've been wearing them daily whilst at work for 10+ years, but never tried them under the lid. Just had a new set of moulds done a few days ago, so think I'll try taking a set home to try on the bike

5th August 2017, 07:56 PM
It's been many years since I've used custom moulds and I can't even remember what the company was (it wasn't Ultimate Ear)
I used them for clay shooting for a while, however I never found them comfortable enough for long duration, they made my ears "itch" and just never found them comfortable enough.
I also found that the fitting process was rather uncomfortable in my left ear (perhaps the foam bung went in a little too deep?).

I've been contemplating trying Ultimate Ear for some custom moulds as they are by all accounts very good and their SoundEar 1.5 would be ideal for my SatNav/Cardo set up (in some AGV helmets there is very limited room for internal speakers).
However, I am extremely hesitant though as I suspect I'm just simply not suited to custom moulds (my left ear has been perforated twice from reverse block Scuba diving injuries). Perhaps due to how far they go down the ear canal my left ear will always be prone to irritation?

Alex has a pair of Ultimate Ear custom moulds (with the internal speakers) and is very happy with them, though I believe he uses them only when using the SatNav.

As you are very happy with custom moulds I would highly recommend using them whilst riding, or at least giving it a go. There's nothing to loose :).