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Sep 26, 2015
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Dumbarton, Scotland
Sold my HP4 last week to a fellow HP4 lover, sad to see it go, so thats me bikeless for the moment. Not sure what I want to buy. I just wasn't using it much the last year or 2 and with a selection of other bikes I had during that time it made sense to let it go to another fella who I know will look after her. I had so much fun with her it was sad to see her loaded up and off to Cornwall. Been playing back some of my videos I took over the years and the memories were well received (tears and all that).. some clips with Jimmy Mac, Flying Scotsman (Rob) and various other mates out on runs, most of the solo clips were of the high to very high speed variety, they always seem the most satisfying to watch.. anyhow just thought I'd let you all know and hence why I'm selling some of my spares bits and bobs... what to buy now !!!
Having an asset just sat in the garage is always hard to justify. Were you the only owner from new?
The M1000XR looks like fun....
Having an asset just sat in the garage is always hard to justify. Were you the only owner from new?
The M1000XR looks like fun....
One previous Alex, think I bought it with under 1500 Miles on the clock, that XR looks mad, 200 brake semi naked, be great on our roads up here for sure, more than I want to spend tho, got my eye on a very clean Gen 1 10R again, miss that raw power and unpredictability as daft as that sounds. The weather up here today was like mid winter, freezing cold and hailstones for a bit, put me right off the notion hahaha
Be interesting to see what you get next Stu. No pressure, but summer is apparently 20th to 27th April this year.
Honestly, I was up early doors today, nice and dry outside but absolutely freezing, I'm just getting older and grumpier lol.. not sure what to do, that Gen 5 was unexciting, was in my garage for two days and I barely looked at it, the fairings, belly pan, front fender etc were cheap nasty tat, for a 20k bike, I thought it took the shine off it. He's only done 300 miles and the tank was quite badly scuffed from his jacket, tried to buff it out with Neilson F10, but no joy.. anyone else think the paints not great ?
Yeah I scuffed mine with the wrong jacket. The paint is soft. Tank pad fitted asap after.
You'll regret selling that one Stu! How many miles did you put on it?

A lot of my biker mates have not done a lot with there bikes over last few years, myself included. I'm finding it hard to justify keeping my gen 3, due to lack of use, but I do love the bike.

I got a husky 701 a few months ago, to try something different, and since then I've not taken the covers off the BMW. I don't know if that will change when weather gets better, but so far it's more fun and at much more sensible speeds.

I keep looking at thruxton RS and hypermotard, but I'd have to sell the BMW to get either of those.
Hi Stuart. Lot's of good memories on the HP4 I'm sure. I still remember fondly the forum NC500 tour in 2018 (including my detour to Aberdeen!)

I hope you sort out a new bike soon, and stick around on the forum!

Best wishes, Rob

PS you dont happen to have a gen2 rider seat in your extensive spares catalogue?
Hey Stu, don't leave us!

You're a great content provider on this forum. I've loved all your missives. The various car sales and purchases. The race focused MV 800 triple review. The pillar drill that turned into meeting the wall of death dude and the pictures that went with it were nicely written and was one of those life experiences and chance meetings that I'm glad you shared with us. Your advice to me and my son of what roads to ride around in near to you in the Trossachs in June 2019 were invaluable. Thank you.

And if you have any (ahem!) quick and fast S1000RR videos that you'd care to share - I enjoy that sort of thing, feel free to DM a link if you've got them up in the cloud somewhere. I promise not to share the link.

Best Regards

Don't worry lads I'm still here. I stuck 35k on it Kenny, that was the biggest hurdle in selling, anyhow I don't get attached to inanimate things in life, when it's time to go and all that.

Mr Smooth, I have plenty videos, happy to share at some point. Lad came back to me tonight,l on that clean C1 10R so we're £200.00 at odds, I've asked him to split the difference and waiting on a reply to this.. fingers 🤞.. can't beat a good story lol..

Rob I just sold my rear pegs and seat to the lad that bought my HP4, I did post up that I was willing to sell them to a fellow chum on here, if only I knew ! That was a good wee day out we had, probably 5 years ago, time is running thru my fingers like sand. I need to do something with my life like saving a burning baby or whatever.

Anyhow I'm well chuffed with the above comments from my fellow bikers, I'm all made up now hahaha. Let's get this Kwacker, I've workship and road riding withdrawal symptoms..

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