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Jun 18, 2020
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Not sure if this is the right place, but I'm looking for a couple of willing RR owner's (different Gen's) for a photoshoot in Ash, near Aldershot and Farnham, on the Surrey/Hants Border. Will be a couple of images along the same lines as the one below, shot in the same location (my driveway) late one afternoon/early evening in the next two weeks. Shot my R yesterday evening, took about 20 mins to get right, my only stipulation is the bike needs to be mint, clean and not too heavily modified - i.e. subtle carbon and performance related mods is fine.

No charge or money to change hands at all, purely a couple of free edited jpegs in exchange for letting me shoot the bike for a portfolio I'm building.

For info I've been a full time professional photographer for the last 15 years, the covid crisis has pushed me back in the direction where I started in photography 20 years ago, shooting high performance cars & bikes which I've always regretted stopping.


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