Iffy Oxygen Sensor and removal of SOS.


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Dec 5, 2018
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Two questions to anyone in the know.


I took my bike down to Bahnstormer today to see what keeps chucking up the EML. Turns out it is the Oxygen Control Sensor (number 1). The technician stated that it looks like someone had move/unclipped the wiring. As it wasn't in the factory position. As far as i am aware there is no history of it being touched.

They cleared the fault but were reluctant to put back in the OEM position. Fine as i am going to put a system on it soon anyway.

Question is, does the O2 sensor on these bikes have any issues? Do they tend to fail? Can wiring routing/being twisted throw up an error? I ask because I was at HM on Monday for a suspension setup and said i am installing a full system soon. They gave some pointers and said whatever you do, make sure the O2 sensor wiring isn't twisted as it can chuck up errors?


SOS removal. I've an aftermarket MC and my bike came with the SOS system, i was able to make it fit to the MC clamp, but with the button installed it limited where i could have the bar and MC position without it fouling on the fairings. It also used to sometimes throw up an error on track. In the end i had enough and removed the button and GPS unit. Problem is now it has another error on the dash haha. Is there anyway the SOS can be removed without chucking up an error? Bahnstormer said they were not sure and needed to investigate further.
Hmm that is interesting. I need to pull it out and have a look at the condition of it. Once I have the system i can do that.

Just wondering, if one sensor is on it's way out can the other 3 compensate for that?
I’ve had the O2 sensor error a number of times. Low battery voltage everytime for me. It’s always been when Ive forgotten to plug in the battery tender and it’s sat for a week. J
Did you try disconnecting/cleaning, swapping connectors to see if the issue moves?
If you happen to have a GS-911, with the latest diagnostics you can record 64 individual parameters inc O2 sensors when you go out for a ride. Each key off/on it’ll record as separate ‘rides’ J

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