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Nov 16, 2019
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Iv got a 2015 gen 3. Went out the other night and the yellow engine management light came on in the bottom left corner.
When I open it up in any gear at about 7k revs the bike splutters and bogs down. Then I change gear and it pulls again till 7k and the same thing happens.
The bike did sit in the garage 6 months.
I have put a new lithium battery on but that hasn?t helped and it?s on trickle charge now so that shouldn?t be an issue.
I tried to get into my local bmw garage they said can?t look at it till 21st June.
So has anyone got a gs-911 for sale or can somebody tell me the best place to buy one? And has anyone got a suggestion of what the problem might be?
Thank you
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Good company to deal with, I bought Vagcom kit from them last month..

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Personally I’d check the fuel first. I’ve had any of my bikes do that when they’ve sat over winter. Modern fuel goes off fairly quickly. 12 months and it’s unrideable.

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