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Generally the lowest setting available, but I still use the ABS system and the data clearly shows during braking as the blipper activates the rear brake is activated too, even though I swear I don't use it, to help slow the wheel and help stability it comes on.
I'm still amazed how much percentage of throttle opening is used while braking, unto 17% at times all of which must come down to helping with stability. If I use any more engine braking I find the rear wheel attempts to start skipping even with the stock slipper clutch when going into the lower gears. What are you using?
Just double checked last time I was at Portimaio I was using level 2 engine braking not minimum I as suggested.
Its always a balance having not enough or too much, however the throttle percentage is still very high whatever setting I end up using... I understand that when the ECU's are re mapped its an area that is looked at. As I use a stock ECU its about finding a setting that is the best option.
I never touch the rear brake. I was on the minimum for engine braking as I tend to be off the brakes early and didn't want to loose much more speed by the apex. However, when I went to Portimao last week I thought about what you'd said in the video and upped it to 3, as I tried simultaneously to (front) brake deeper into the corner and use the engine braking to help me finish the turn.

Attached the .MES for what it's worth.



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I can't quite make out what colours the data channels are, What corner was this graph from? Blue=Throttle, Red=Front brake, Pink=Rear brake?
Zoomed in Braking for T5
Top to bottom:
Grey = Lean
Orange = Gear
Dark Blue = Throttle body
Pink = Front Brake
Red = Rear Brake (applied by ECU)
Light Blue = Grip Position
Red = Speed

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