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Apr 29, 2014
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London and Norfolk
I am looking for a switchable power lead (on/off) which attaches to the battery and just has bare ends the other side, which I can then connect to a Quad Lock wireless charging head. Because I'm an idiot and thought that would have an integrated on/off.

Anyone have a good option?
Idea is to stop it running at the flick of a switch.
I have figured out an alternate for now. I've got an old battery/USB lead with a waterproof connector on it. I'm going to repurpose the leads to connect this QuadLock lead using Solder Heatshrink connectors. I can then plug and unplug when I want.
If you want a switched 12V (you indicated otherwise, but unless you need it to be live when the bike is turned off, switched 12V FTW!)- there is a socket underneath the front of the pillion seat with a blank plug. Rather than tap into that, I got a pigtail lead - was listed as a G310 part - can't remember the part no. That powers my TomTom mount and a USB cigarette lighter thingy I mounted on an infill panel (and is the trigger for my Innovv K2)
The accessory ports afaik can't supply the juice I am looking for as far as I can tell from reading the notes on all the Nippy Normans options. Maybe I am wrong on that but I will do my heath robinson for this trip and see whats better next time.
On my Streetfighter V4S I used a HealTech Thunder Box to supply my Quad Lock Qi Charger. It is configurable to only supply current when it detects the alternator running. Worked like a charm and stopped the Ducati intermittently not wanting to start when I was at maximum distance from home. They are not cheap but they are high quality.
I saw that and did wonder if it was what I needed. The adverts from resellers didn't give me enough clarity to purchase something so expensive, should have looked at their website. I may look at that after this trip - it's too late now.

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