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I dont know if anyone else has noticed a increasing insurance scam that online brokers are trying. First time it happened to me I thought I had made a mistake but it has happened twice since and luckily I had the proof

What they do is
1. ask a series of questions online and offer a quote (just as youd expect)
2. Note if you look at the policy before you sign up there will be differences from what you filled out and the system will have completed questions you were never asked in the original comparison - BEWARE you sign up for whats on the policy not what you filled out
3. You sign up and pay your money
4. You get a phone call or are asked to call the broker. The broker goes through your answers to the original web page and questions you in order to find some kind of inconsistency. In my case I had a broker ask me why I hadnt disclosed a claim from 2018 that came up on their database - after 15 minutes of arguing it turned out that it was a claim linked with the house which I moved into in 2020
5. If that doesnt work they will also introduce questions that were not in the original web survey and when you "change" the answer they accuse you of not filling out the form correctly/providing false information.
5. What they then do is re-quote you and increase the fee. You have already paid at least the 1st month and probably also think you have made an error - so you feel obliged to accept the higher quote

Its an absolute scam.
BikeSure did it to me last year and I fell for it
VanDirect tried exactly the same for my truck but I had taken screen shots of the original questions. I refused to pay the extra £400 and they tried to threaten to canx the insurance and not refund. When I said I could prove what I had been asked and how I had answered - they folded.

Be prepared
The insurance industry is full of con-artists and carpet baggers and an even higher level of incompetence
(but you probably all know that already)
£500 at Swinton was the best I could get.. had been with Bennetts but they wanted to pull my eyes out for this year.

Far too many greedy barstewards out there robbing people and no one to clamp down on it. Our wet wipe government are no different just expect us to continue stumping up... ☹️
I’ve full no claims and mine doubled last June to just under £1k. This year no doubt will just be farcical when it comes to pricing. Carol Nash have never quoted under £1800 when I’ve asked them to quote.

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