Who makes Motorrad oil.


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Oct 14, 2013
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I've read it's Shell. It's 30 miles to my nearest Motorrad dealer and 4 miles to Halfords. Just want a litre for top ups. I have some 300V left over, but apparently it's a no no for use in the S1000RR.
I buy it off eBay...(Advantec Ultra)

I can't find a Shell branded equivalent weight online, which is odd.

I know that some tuners use Silkolene and Moris.

Ester based oils are the best for sheer resistance but the 300V has no detergents or other additives.
Motul 7100 5w40 should be fine.
Thanks. Guess I'll be using the left over 300V to lubricate the hedge trimmer :(.
BMW are up there with the best of them scaremongering people in to using only their oils, coolants etc. Well, John Deere are equally as bad but it’s all nonsense.
I think it was just the specific issue of people using 300V and not changing it as often as a race team. Phil Crowe had pictures of an engine with corroded innards from using it. Owners choice - I just don't see the benefit of not using Advantec.

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