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Apr 29, 2014
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London and Norfolk
Thought I'd ask what podcasts and channels you all consume; bike, mechanical, care, magazines.

So I'll start off

Podcasts (I use Spotify but they are usually available elsewhere):

What entertains you? What should I should watch or listen to?
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I've been meaning to follow "the race" for additional info. I'm already following Oxley and OMG plus I'd recommend Paddock Pass. Some good guys on it
I don’t really watch bike stuff on YouTube these days, my go to stuff over the years has been

Western Truck and Tractor Repair
Cutting Edge Engineering
Adept Ape
Bruce in Aus
ZK Mastertech
Cleetus McFarland
Steve Morris Engines

And a bunch of similar ones, anything mechanical, engineering related and I’m on it.
Don't know where you guys get the time lol If there's something I need to know it's either google or youtube. Problem with youtube is when you find what you want to look at it invariably leads you to something similar and 2hrs later you realise you're on something entirely different.
Anything with power involved be it bikes, cars, rockets, trains etc.
YouTube Channel subscriptions
- search for "4WD247" - Aussie off-roaders tackling tough off road trails in beautiful Aussie surrounds as mates, winching up 'fourbies' over slippery rocky slopes, fording deep water and fixing broken 4WD trucks in the bush and camping in the outback.
FHO Racing - Fay Ho - BSB and Isle of Man TT
Isle of Man TT Races - I subscribe every year, just can't bring myself to go there knowing that I'll watch somebody die entertaining me.
Cycle World - Great US journos - similar to how I remember Bike magazine when I was a teenager back in 18 forty-twelve when the world was in black and white
Crash MotoGP - pretty good at quickly publishing hot news
The Race - as has been mentioned earlier as well as
Itchy Boots - Noralee is a very, very plucky young lady, absolutely fearless of her surroundings or the people she meets and she's very adventurous. My late Dad was a geography teacher with a love for Physical Geography and she is a Geology graduate and explains rock formations she rides to in the same manner my Dad did, makes me nostalgic.
Coleman Customs - feel good motorcycle restoration from a very, very talented young British man, bikes built on a shoestring, I feel better every time I see these - he only has 3,170 subscribers but he regularly turns out content. Come on, join up and tell your mates to subscribe too - he really deserves it.
Jay Leno's Garage - what an extensive collection of cars and bikes, he absolutely loves his European exotica
Thornton Hundred Motorcycles - another highly talented British bike modifier - not my style but I'm proud to call him British
Gordon Murray Automotive - one of the nicest men I've had the pleasure of meeting and briefly chatting to after the launch of the F1 in Woking. I adore his latest cars and he told me has a Ducati 916SP he in his house, that he occasionally rides. But mainly he sits down in a chair in his mancave and just looks at the lines on the bike and gets inspired by it. He said he thinks about the radical engineering it was when Massimo Tamburini first designed it, the single sided swing-arm - as Massimo also penned the MV Agusta F4. Car porn to me.
Porsche - been a fan since I first saw heard and saw them racing at Brands Hatch as a teenager, lucky enough to have owned two 911's and a Boxster 986 and the wife currently has a 718S I can hoon around in - on warm summer evenings with the top down, sports exhaust open and driven in Sport Plus mode.
Ducati - very arty, bought my Monster 937 last year because of watching the channel.

Both YouTube Channels and Podcasts
New Heights
- Jason and Travis Kelce NFL players - watch their Netflix documentary first, see where they came from and how hard they worked to get where they are, its often a laugh as they do not take themselves seriously but they love their football.
Todd Blubaugh - Watch his YouTube channel, listen to his podcasts and see if you can get a copy of his book, "Too Far Gone" it is one of the best motorcycle travelling and photography books I own. He wrote the book after his parents were killed in a car accident. He became a wanderer trying to find himself, riding on a 'shit-box' Harley (my moniker for old ratty Harleys) and had a brilliant and exciting journey around the USA with some thought provoking photos and memorabilia. It includes the letter his Dad wrote to him a few months before he died which he found when going through his effects. I've written my own letter to my 34 year old eldest son so that he will always know how eternally proud of him I am, and how he 'completed me' as a feeling deep inside of me as his father after his birth.
Chassin' the Racin' podcast is quite good, on Spotify. It was started by Chrissi Rouse, but it's been kept going by his sister and Dom Herbertosn.

The TT Podcast also has some good content on Spotify.

Barron Von Grumble has started dipping his toe into podcasts also, he has one chatting with neevsy, and another one chatting rubbish with his mate.

I watch more car stuff on YouTube, the bike channels I follow are Neevsy on Bikes, Lamb chops, 44teeth and BvG.

Car channels I follow are mainly people buying junk from co part, and fixing up. Saving salvage, Matt Armstrong, and Salvage Rebuilds UK.

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