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Apr 29, 2014
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London and Norfolk
Govt want to hear views.

Yes please.
Safer for motorcyclists, it should be default in all council areas, but they have proven they don't care.

It needs to be a decision from Central Govt.
Converting just 10% of single occupancy cars to motorcycles/scooters in towns and cities has a drastic effect on overall congestion. So making it safer and quicker to get about on 2 wheels, promoting the use (converting some drivers), could have a fundementally positive impact on those that wish to stick to 4 wheels. We all win.

So I say, the decision should NOT be left with local councils. And central govt should allow it by default for the above reasons.

Please do add your voice.
Done! Thanks Alex,

Last year I was a Blood Biker riding from the Blood Bank at St Georges in Tooting to hospitals across London central and suburbs, Surrey and Middx. It was so much safer being able to use 'most' of the London bus lanes (you had to keep your eyes peeled on the signs as some bus lanes were closed to motorcyclists) when making progress to deliver much needed blood supplies to hospitals quickly and keeping to the speed limits, although I despised the multitude of 20 mph zones at 03:00. Friday and Saturday nights around Clapham in the wee hours were jam packed, it was such a relief to have the sanctitude of a bus lane to ride freely in. It hacks me off that the rest of the home counties don't allow motorcycles in bus lanes, they should be forced to do so.

Where I live, all motor vehicles could use our bus lane on the A30 outside of weekday peak hours, then they took that privilege away and turned it back to a bus lane only for the 1 bus every 15 minutes.... Both my Grandfathers would have described the bus lane rule makers as National Socialists.... they recognised them because they both fought them during WW2.

My son lives in Plymouth and we can use the bus lanes there. I haven't found any in Surrey and Northern Hants I can use.
Thanks chaps. Grinds my gears that the small minded councils can't see the multitude of benefits.
Having spent most of my riding life in West London, the opening up of bus lines to motorcycles was most welcome. Though it was only TFL run lanes and some of the local council operated lanes were not opened up to bikes, which does make it annoying.

Recently moved up to Northamptonshire. Still learning my way around, but so far seems like far fewer bus lanes and some are open to motorcycles. Though traffic is so much better it almost makes it a moot point.

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