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I don't disagree with Stuart about the visual quality of the book, I have one for my Gen 3, I use it as a form of reference on the few occasions I decide to delve a little deeper. I mainly use it for the torque values at the beginning of most sections for putting everything back together again. They do, but I'm unsure in this case for the K46, offer an on-line annual subscription in high quality colour where you can download and print out the pages you need in the workshop in colour, but it isn't cheap for the subscription service and it is per bike per year if you have different makes/models.
They should improve the manuals as that's pretty much what everyone buys.. that was one of their get outs... blah blah online.. and price point was another which I totally disagreed with

I would always pay a bit more for a "proper" manual and have done in the past.

I bought a Suzuki workshop manual for one of my GSXR1100s. From memory, it was 35 quid, and that was in 1988.

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