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Dec 22, 2021
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Hi going almeria in december.

I imagine temps will be 15-20 deg

I have a soft front med rear V02 on at the moment.

But think i might take a set of scrubs too as the V02 has had a days use already.

Seen some pirellis slick scrubs going online.

Is SC1 F SC1 R ok ?

Never tried pirelli slicks so bit clueless how they will be.
For colder conditions
> Pirelli you want the harder higher numbers 2/3.
> V02 you want the softer tyres for 22C and below.
What ever you do dont use Pirelli at Almeria the track is very abrasive,you will chew them up,stick with vo2 or Dunlops
just be carefull in the mornings, it gets very cold overnight there, i've turned up plenty of times and it's below zero, but being so dry doesn't ge frosty. i'm always very cautious until temp has come up a bit, usually 2nd session.tyres do tear there as it's a lot of 2nd/3rd gear on the side, dunlops suit the place better but you do really need a warm for them
Hmmmm thanks all.

Maybe I'll leave the pirellis. I saw some really well priced scrub sc1s.

Will I be ok with the soft front v02?

I'll be sure to walk around on 1st sessions now thanks for the heads up lol

Pirelli soft compound slicks last about 5 minutes and always seem to cost a fortune! I personally wouldn?t touch Pirelli scrubs as they are more than likely past their best.
V02 Soft is ideal

Dunlop D212 M Front E Rear

Dunlop KR's not sure which compounds...

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