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Thread: BeMoto - Motocycle Insurance - Deals for Forum Members

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    Re: BeMoto - Motocycle Insurance - Deals for Forum Members

    This was medical and repatch for portimao 3 days on track, as it’s a private hospital you got to be on game with insurance. Think it was around £45 for the whole trip

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    Just another positive endorsement for BeMoto. As most will no doubt be aware Iíve unfortunately had to part with my S1000RR. BeMoto rather helpfully waived all cancellation fees, protected my full NCB in lieu of taking out another policy with them and have given me £30 credit off my next premium. I have used them for several years now and will certainly be doing so again in the future.

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    Re: BeMoto - Motocycle Insurance - Deals for Forum Members

    Never used them Ryan mainly due to my appaling history, but that sounds like a quality company to deal with..

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    Re: BeMoto - Motocycle Insurance - Deals for Forum Members

    Bemoto have confirmed that cover for the new 4th gen s1000rr will not be a problem:

    From the horses mouth:

    "We will be able to quote over the phone for the new model right from the start.

    We have special insurer schemes that enable us to insure new bikes - and new S1000RR will be in our sweet spot. I do know that other brokers struggle with getting new bikes onto their systems, but this will not be an issue with us when quoting over phone."

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