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Thread: BeMoto - Motocycle Insurance - Deals for Forum Members

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    Re: BeMoto - Motocycle Insurance - Deals for Forum Members

    Heads up from and a shout out to Gixer, my cover mirrors his including that back to zero excess simply by mentioning 44T promotion I got the zero excess premium of 30 bangers knocked off !..

    My renewal with Bennets was £395.00 odd for a basic plan, Bemoto with everything bolted on £293.00...

    Side issue..before calling Bemoto I had loaded up some comparison websites for quotes, there was some attractive results (until you looked closer) excesses were say 500 to 600 compulsory and 300 to 400 voluntary... the premiums were really low with heehaw extras.... I get it that some punters will bite at that but you have to ask yourself wheres the risk to the insurer for say a typical spill/drop or even a low side... when your nearly a grand before the insurer will pay out !... anyhow that full Titanium cover is excellent and zero excess... win win win...
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    Re: BeMoto - Motocycle Insurance - Deals for Forum Members

    Guys, think I need to explain something here about bemoto that may have been missed.

    Bemoto want us to promote them. The way it works is they have given the forum a deal on the titanium add-on (which I negotiated with them to be on here) so we all get a benefit and the forum gets a small kickback when a policy is taken out using that promotion. Its a few £ a month we receive, some months its nothing. We dont get anything for renewals, only new business.

    If you find or hear about bemoto on here and then use someone elses promotion (BvG as above for zero excess) and not the forum promotion he gets the £ and the forum gets nothing. I appreciate that its up to you all as individuals what insurance you decide to go for and how you structure it but just making you aware that is how it is.

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    Re: BeMoto - Motocycle Insurance - Deals for Forum Members

    Tried to insure with Bemoto last month.

    Unfortunately they wouldn't cover me on my 66 RR as I have zero no claims.

    They told me they would only insure the RR with a minimum of 3 yrs NCB.

    Does this sound right to you guys?

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    Re: BeMoto - Motocycle Insurance - Deals for Forum Members

    Quotes nearly double what I’m paying now on my multi bike policy. Tried track day insurance with them instead and that was double what Moris quoted for the same cover..

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    Re: BeMoto - Motocycle Insurance - Deals for Forum Members

    Look like I will be staying with BeMoto for another year, which I am very happy to do. What I am less happy about is the absolute p*** take quotes absolutely everyone else gave me. I'm used to some insurers just being c**ks, and for getting some close quotes that BeMoto beat anyway, but this year (no accidents/changes just another year's NCB) no one is within £250 of BeMoto. What is going on???

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    Re: BeMoto - Motocycle Insurance - Deals for Forum Members

    Wish I’d known this, I’ve just renewed my insurance with Bemoto and I’ve been with them for the last 3 years

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