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Thread: Market Research

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    Market Research

    We are currently reviewing our service pricing for 2016. We are constantly trying to improve our services for customers and I would be extremely grateful if any of you would be able to help.

    We follow the BMW service schedule with extra time added to service the brake calipers (I don't understand why it isn't part of the BMW service) Using Castrol Oils and Mahale or genuine BMW filters. We also have a loan bike that may be available for the customer for the duration of their service.

    I would be very interested if any of you could answer the any of the following questions.

    1) How much did you pay for your last service?
    2) Were you happy with the cost and service provided?
    3) If you haven't had a service recently what do you think would be a fair price for an annual, intermediate or large service?
    4) What would be the deciding factor between which garage you would choose to go to? (Apart from distance and cost)

    Any other ideas you have that would help us to improve our services would be greatly appreciated. Ie what you like or dislike about dealers or shops you may have used in the past.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Market Research

    1) The last service on my HP4 at 2 years / 8000 miles was 111.90 + VAT. The only consumables on the bill were oil, filter and seal ring.

    2) I think I was happy with the price. AJ picked up the bike and returned it to me which is exactly the service I wanted.

    3) n/a

    4) Customer service (at least smile when they take my money) and speed of turnaround / booking availability (all the main dealers are fully booked up over the good weather months so I book my annual service (due July ) back in March or April).
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    Re: Market Research

    I'd answer, but it's not realistic for MR for West Yorkshire. BMW in London are hideously expensive, 100ph.
    FWIW, Prime Factors are 59+vat ph and HM Racing 50+vat ph.

    I'll pay extra for trust & helpfulness. So for example - my bike is with a garage at the moment - they know it's staying there till the last parts (which are 3 months late) arrive. They are cool with it and appreciate I'm stuck till the {expletive} supplier pulls their finger out. I'm yet to see the final results but they give me confidence in the questions they ask (making sure the job is done how I want). They give advice, even when it doesn't make things easier for them. Basically they want the job done right too.

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