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Thread: The history and the science

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    The history and the science

    Positive vibes was born because I began to develop symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and this was exacerbated when I bought my 2015 S1000RR. I had some issues with my 2009 GSXR750 but nothing like the S1000RR. A little research showed that the bike is known as a bit of a buzzy bike. My choice was to then sell a 4 week old bike or try to find a solution, and as the bike is f##kin awesome a solution needed to be developed.
    When I looked into options for a solution I discovered that I needed to add damping, but it would be impractical to eliminate the vibration at all revs.
    Now comes a badly delivered science lesson.
    Vibration is essentially resonance (frequency of travel and return). On a motorcycle it is the engine which causes the vibration, and different revs cause different resonances. To sort them all you would need variable damping to sort it out completely.
    As weight is the best way to dampen the bar end resonance, a bar end that changed weight would be perfect, but the absence of this meant I needed to find the right weight for as wide a rev range as possible. End of science lesson!
    Daily riding was a priority over high end revs, and the stock does a good enough job at high revs anyway so I experimented with different sizes until I found what I believe to be the best all round weight. (around 3,000 miles of testing)
    Stainless steel was an ideal choice of finish as it looks good, is weather resistant and can easily be powder coated if people want to.
    I am excited by this as I have designed and put into manufacture a product that I believe in, and to see the end result was unreal. Hopefully one day I will see a set on another bike so I can have a "that bikes got my product on it" moments!
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    Re: The history and the science

    Nice post, and good luck with the new product.

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