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Thread: Rusty Sump cover & faulty switches

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    Re: Rusty Sump cover & faulty switches

    Quote Originally Posted by Wyreflyer View Post
    Took my 2010 into Southport yesterday for the recall on the fuel pump, that all sorted but they found horn not working, so are going to replace both sets of switchgear next week, FOC
    Do you know what was actually done regarding recall ?
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    Re: Rusty Sump cover & faulty switches

    No idea, chap I just bought bike off let me know he'd had a letter. I rang Southport and was told there were 2 recalls outstanding on my bike. They did them and said switchgear needs doing as well.

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    Re: Rusty Sump cover & faulty switches

    My 2014 has only covered 350 miles, today managed to get time to finally get a go on it and the start switch broke/ jammed just sort of flexes but does not move, bloody annoying can't even ring them till they open on Tuesday. Will be a collection job. Indicator button vague in operation to say the least too, was going to monitor that one but now it will be brought to their attention too, had better ones on my seventies/eighties RD Yamahas. Hopefully this is not going to be the way owning this RR goes.
    irritated to say the least, after researching on here seems many others have had same, mines a new 2014.
    oh well rant over, sorry for that but just found out it seems to be a rather long in the tooth fault . Cheers all

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    Re: Rusty Sump cover & faulty switches

    Same jammed on my HP4 , collection job...bloody annoying as they must know it's a fault , so why are they not replacing them with upgrade before they leave the showrooms

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    Re: Rusty Sump cover & faulty switches

    Mine went in for a service last week and they changed both switches for free.
    Right indicator wasn't working.
    2010 bike.

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    Sump Replacement Success

    Thought I'd post something as this thread was useful to me in getting my corroded sump replaced FOC.

    My 2013 S1kRR with under 5k on the clock, was bought in Jan from dealer with 2yr BMW used warranty. In June this year after ~2500 miles I thought I should do an intermediate oil/filter change. Got all the stuff & removed belly pan only to find the that sump was corroded round the sump-plug - it looked like if I took out the plug it was never going to seal again. Decided not to touch it and contacted local dealer about warranty repair. Turns out 'corrosion' not covered by the extended warranty.......but dealer persuaded BMW to replace it FOC as 'goodwill gesture'.

    So good result all round

    Though mine didn't look as bad as some photos posted here - it really does look like material defect to me. I've had 20 year old cars & bikes with cast and alloy engines that survived the heavily salted Scottish roads better. (My S1K has lived in SE England all its life as far as I can see from its history)

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