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Thread: Side stand recall

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    Side stand recall

    I've just received a recall notice from DVLA on BMW headed notepaper, dated 29 January 2013:

    "Within the framework of quality monitoring, BMW Motorrad has ascertained that in isolated cases the side stand of the motorcycle can work loose, should this happen and not be noticed by the rider the motorcycle may not be secure standing on the side stand alone. In order to ensure that your motorcycle remains in full working order, new side bolts will be fitted to your motorcycle."

    No problem with the bolts on my bike - I assume these are the two hex bolts holding the pivot bracket on to the frame. I can't check the torque because the (standard) exhaust is too close to the bolts to fit in a socket on a torque wrench but I have checked that they are tight.

    2012 model - not sure if this applies to earlier bikes but it probably does.

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    Yep got mine yesterday, booked in for next week.

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    Mine was done this morning.

    No issues. Two new bolts with threadlock inserted.

    Dealer was telling me if the threaded area in the frame where the bolts screw into is damaged then its a full exhaust off fix as the cat gets in the way. They check the thread in the frame too. Luckily, I have a full system so the whole job was complete in 20 mins!

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