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Thread: 61 in a 40....

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    61 in a 40....

    Quote Originally Posted by RickS1K View Post
    Wow Pedro, sorry you both had to go through that.
    Thanks mate. Car was a write-off so mums insurance got hammered as well. Only good part was at the hospital, the policeman driving the car didn’t realise he was in the next cubicle to us, we heard him saying to the nurse that this young p**k had driven too close to the kerb and caused all this , when the traffic cop came in to see if we were ok we told him , man! You should have heard what he gave that guy! It was brilliant! Think my mum even laughed

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    The throttle jammed officer

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    Re: 61 in a 40....

    Quote Originally Posted by RickS1K View Post
    So... after years with a clean licence, he sent back his NIP with 'a heartfelt apology'... wotevea one of them is... and he got a reply this morning - £100 and 3 points... someone in the mailroom was in a good mood :-)
    Brilliant, lucky boy!

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    Re: 61 in a 40....

    I think googling things is always a bad option haha

    When I was 19/20 I was riding around on a R6 on a A2 license, Police tried to pull me over and out of panic I ran off, Stopped phoned my mum and was like "Oh my god I've just run from the police what should I do, Should I say the bike has been stolen" During the phone call police turned up at house..Number plates.... End of all of that, Didn't lose license, Got 3 points and £100 fine

    Later on was doing 65 in a 40, Same situation 3 points £100 fine - Police car behind

    The worst one I had was like 60 in a 40, Mobile speed gun signaling to pull me over after he clocked me and I didn't as had a very small plate and hoped they didn't get it, They did. Got 5 points and £300 for that.

    I know these are pretty bad and I promise I'm not a bad guy was just young, Well younger and silly.....

    But if I googled those offences I'm sure it would've said lost license for sure. 26 now (Granted havn't had a bike for a while) But have a clean license down from 11 points

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    Re: 61 in a 40....

    I had a spell in 2012 where I was riding like a complete dick on my GSXR 1000 and because of where I lived everybody knew everybody, I ended up in 3 police chases and an incident with a community police officer who jumped out on the road.

    I thought I had got away with it all when the daughter of the local sergeant phoned me up and says “my dad wants to see you, he’ll be coming by your work tomorrow”………..after a chat he let me away with everything and told me not to **** about again. Thankfully because we knew each other and liked each other I got off lightly with that one.

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    Re: 61 in a 40....

    Mitigation done nothing for me. Heres a story that happened to me about 10 years ago ,
    Filtered through to the front of traffic on a dual carriageway , unmarked police car at the front n never noticed, lights went to green , and i opened it up. Average was 97mph on a 50mph , for a short space of time. Done for dangerous driving , local newspaper headline was 97mph biker/rush hour traffic.
    Automatically assume i was weaving in and out of traffic etc , truth was i never moved out the left hand lane and never overtook anyone as the road was clear.

    Anyway a few months later whilst in court i was chatting to a guy who was up for drink driving , he crashed his car through a wall into someones garden and fled the scene and went home .
    He got several tins of beer out his fridge and poured them down the sink and placed the empty cans beside his chair. When the police traced him half an hour later or so he tried to tell them he was shaken up after the crash and drunk the cans of beer but he was still charged.

    So i got a 1 year ban , £400 fine and extended resit
    the drunk driver who damaged property and fled the scene , got a 1 year ban , but 3 months knocked off if he went on a course , £320 fine and his license handed back to him. So much for Zero Tolerance for drink drivers.
    £400 fine , £100 or so to get license back after ban , a few car lessons to get the old habits out the way , and then i had to book TWO tests as the extended test overlaps into the next test (90mins) so not far off £1000 all in.

    Wrote a letter of mitigation , needed license for work , driving ill mother about etc , but it never washed with the judge.

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