All I can say is what a bike (again). Just over 100 mile run out. The day started a bit damp and the temp was 2degrees. It didn't get much warmer. It was that horrible drizzle that later turned into rain. A quick press of the mode button and off we go

With bulky riding gear, I normally only wear 1 piece leathers, the bike did feel a bit too slim as my feet were on the outer edge of the pegs, but that's my fault for having short legs and different winter boots. The seat being incredibly comfy

The screen is maybe a little too short (I have a long body compared to my stumpy legs) as riding into the wind (on the M-way) my visor started to press against my nose making it a little uncomfortable. Coming back the other way with a following wind I could go 15mph faster before the same thing happened. I might invest in a double bubble item.

All I can say is I'm so glad I didn't upgrade it to the Gen4 M sport I test road. I have a very useable comfy bike that is not really depreciating, money in the bank and no worries about recalls. The bike even told me the MOT is due in December. Brilliant :-)