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Thread: Gen for car bypass

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    Re: Gen for car bypass

    Hi, I couldn't track any down towards the end of last year. It seems that the Akra stuff that was in the USA isn't allowed to be shipped out of the country, so I needed a US address to ship to, the send to the UK. The Italian shops said they had them but didn't. I have a friend in the BSB paddock and he told me that there were none available and if I had ordered then, it would be in the second batch of orders possibly arriving Jan /Feb this year.
    The Arrow stuff was hard to find and mainly in Italy but not all wanted to ship to the UK.
    In the end I got the BW ones seem OK no balance pipes but I can't notice the lack of power, its a road bike and I really wanted to get rid of the Cat and make a bit more noise, they do that well.

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    Re: Gen for car bypass

    So nothing much has changed then with regard to availability, what the hell is going on in the world !

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    Re: Gen for car bypass

    Everything is just in time and Covid and the Suez Canal screw up meant ships and containers are in the wrong place in the world and the just in time ethos has proven to be stupid. I/e no one keeps stock of anything. Computer chips, metals, carbon weave cloth etc are on the wrong side of the world. It's not Brexit before anyone suggests that. ITV did a tonight programme on it. J

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