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Thread: First Track Day - Advice & Pointers

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    Re: First Track Day - Advice & Pointers

    I ran DRC2's (basically the M9RR but from Pirelli) 35/30 HOT off 60degree warmers at Snetterton last weekend.

    I'd equate that to ~33/28 cold and no warmers. F/R.

    Do with that information as you see fit.

    Tyre pressure isn't going to be a big issue on a first go. Most of it will be getting a routine together regards going out and coming back. Making sure you have fuel for the session ahead.

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    Re: First Track Day - Advice & Pointers

    Quote Originally Posted by alex View Post
    Making sure you have fuel for the session ahead.
    there will be a huge exclamation mark popup on dash if you run out !

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    Re: First Track Day - Advice & Pointers

    As others have posted........tyre pressures from the Tyre Man - they might feel strange at first but it'll make sense after a few laps - and have fun. 20 minute sessions might not sound a lot but it is when you're on track and make sure you have plenty of water.


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    Re: First Track Day - Advice & Pointers

    yep, just ask tyre support for pressures and an instructor for the rest, relax and just ride around the track at your own pace. lastly make sure your credit card is ready for when you get home and start booking more.

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    Re: First Track Day - Advice & Pointers

    Just adding my 2p to the already excellent comments... The tyre pressures question also depends partly on how fast you ride, I’d do the sighting laps and first session on road pressures (or maybe a couple of psi down) and take it steady as it’s first time ever.

    Get a feel for how the bike feels on the racing surface and line. You’ll have a couple of sessions break (usually) to discuss and sort out pressures with the tyre guy before going back out and increasing your pace. Above all enjoy.

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    Re: First Track Day - Advice & Pointers

    Hi all,

    Many thanks for inputs, summing up I'll be speaking to the tyre man and focusing on the track/lines and no doubt smiling - a lot!

    Oh, and getting an overdraft for my addiction that follows,

    Thanks again

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    Re: First Track Day - Advice & Pointers

    30 30 cold works for me

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    Re: First Track Day - Advice & Pointers

    Tyre pressures all depends on how fast you are and by fast I mean how hard you accelerate and how hard you brake as this is what puts the extra heat into the tyres. The hotter the tyre the higher the pressure in the tyre will go so therefore the faster you go the lower you do the pressure. Having said that you wouldn’t normally lower them by more than about five or six psi especially for your first track day that’s on the rear front probably wouldn’t drop it more than about 2 to 3 psi on the front.
    If you’ve not dropped pressures that much before you will notice that the steering feels heavier especially for the first few laps until the warmup and the pressure increases inside them again which point the turn in will become back to normal normal.
    Best advice I can give you is to relax enjoy it and do not under any circumstances try and keep up with another rider, always ride to your own confidence and limitations.

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    Re: First Track Day - Advice & Pointers

    Just to answer the question on how long before tyres are up to temperature - if the ambient temps are 10-20C then you'll be up to temperature in less than a lap. In colder temperatures then 2 laps should easily do it. You can get more heat into the front tyre by braking hard, zig zagging is of no benefit.

    Take snacks and a water bottle with you. You'll find you really burn through energy.

    Some tips from my experience - feel like you've made a mess of two corners in close succession towards the end of a session, or even in the middle? Just come into the pits next time you can. Don't wait till the end of the session if your concentration is going. Come back in, have a break and you'll be much sharper again next time out.

    Depending on how fast a road rider you are / how confident you're feeling generally, I'd be tempted to line up at the back of the group and take the first few sessions at your own pace. It's easier to go past people than it is to feel rattled by having faster bikes rattle past you constantly.

    I would leave the bike in Road mode. If you think it's too soft, perhaps try Dynamic in the afternoon. You won't need Race.

    Expect to be absolutely shattered by the end of your 90 minute ride home! I've had to take a long break at a petrol station on the ride home from Bedford after a full day before.

    Most of all, enjoy it and don't feel like you have to keep up with anyone else or set any lap times!

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    Re: First Track Day - Advice & Pointers

    Bedford is my local track and I always use it as my warm up for the season. I was there last Friday and the temp didn't get above 9C. And being open (Old ww2 airfield) it doesn't have a lot of shelter from the wind. The Novices are kept in a different area to the Inters/Advanced (Covid19 rules). You basically don't get a garage and stuck in a carpark. But you can hang down by the main pit area which i would advise). But wrap up if you can, worst is being cold before a session.

    There is loads of good advice here as we can all probably remember our first day track day jitters. Obviously we do not know how handy you are on a bike on the road. But I personally think for at least your first session and being novice, I wouldn't drop the pressures too much, a few PSI. (Last thing you want to be worrying about is wobbly cold tires). Once you pick up your speed then you can go lower. There is also an airline/gauge in the main garage at the pits you can use.

    The novices are pretty much lead by an instructor for half the first session. The speed isn't fast and you're gradually brought up to speed. From memory the first few laps (3/4) are instructor lead and then you are brought back to the pits (So you know where it is). Then sent out again on your own.

    In regards to Bedford, it is a flat ish open track, tons of run off and very wide. It really is a great novice track. It is a left hooker so the right side of the tyre won't see a ton of action. It does have some fast straights and the odd bump but generally it is pretty smooth. I would say go in Dynamic mode to start at least as it does have some fast straights and heavy braking. Lastly and this isn't to scare you. But the first tight left out of the pits is always bin city for throttle happy guys who have cold tires. Take it easy there until you have a least a lap under your belt.

    Other than that have fun, grab an instructor to show you the lines or just crack on at your own pace when you are comfortable. But I guarantee you're going to have a huge smile on your face after that first session.

    It is a really easy and safe track (tons of run off)

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