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Thread: FREE 2021 MotoGP Fantasy Racing League for the S1000RR forum - Race Ya!

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    Re: FREE 2021 MotoGP Fantasy Racing League for the S1000RR forum - Race Ya!

    Quote Originally Posted by RickS1K View Post
    Be careful what you wish for, I took Martin out of my team for this race. Still, I moved up a couple of places with what I had....
    I wonder if we'll see McPhee on BoxNation soon, he's not having much luck on BT Sport...
    I feel for McPhee but also I'm running out of patience with him, his race craft seems to be lacking. Moto3 is pretty cut throat but he always manages to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Every campaign is littered with DNF's.
    I think he should have won a title by now with the pace he's shown previously but he's just too inconsistent despite being in arguable the best team. Moto3 qualifying has my head in my hands. They are all lunatics wasting time, and for what they could all get 3 or 4 laps in if they just went for it instead of dicking around in the pits waiting for someone to go. You lose the tow one lap and gain it another.

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    Re: FREE 2021 MotoGP Fantasy Racing League for the S1000RR forum - Race Ya!

    I really enjoyed this weekend's racing. I love the fact that the bikes are so much closer together in all classes and most of all that the front tyre compound in MotoGP has changed sufficiently that there were so few crashes in the opening laps, especially at this circuit when compared to previous years.

    I agree with Alex's comments about McPhee and all the classes waiting in the pits. They should work together within each team to act as a drafting partner, swap laps for drafting and get 4 fast laps in together and don't get mixed up in the final minutes of qualifying of 'looking over your shoulder' stupidity whilst sitting just off the racing line. But, I get the impression it is the crew chiefs who decide when to send the riders out for qualifying and not the riders themselves.

    Oh, and using two of my three Motul boosts has elevated me to 104th in the World! (None of the leaders have used a boost though) and 17th in the UK..... It won't last, I couldn't pick a winner if it were presented to me on a plate..... but I will enjoy these heady heights whilst I can.
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