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Thread: BMW M Endurance Chain

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    Re: BMW M Endurance Chain

    Quote Originally Posted by Cotswold Motorrad View Post
    Hi Chris,

    Strong as that price is it unfortunately does not sound far off the norm. Its just under 1 hour labour a BMW Motorrad retailer will charge as a stand alone job, 45 mins if done while in for a service.

    Normal retail price breakdown shown below:

    1 x M Endurance drive chain 525-119, £229.60 inc vat
    1 x M Endurance connecting link, £5.84 inc vat
    1 x 17t front sprocket, £48.90 inc vat
    1 x 45t rear sprocket, £89.51 inc vat
    BMW advise the following parts to replace during replacement
    1 x front sprocket lock washer, £4.66 inc vat
    5 x rear sprocket nuts, £25.02 inc vat

    45-55 minutes labour, £77 to £94 with me at Cotswold Motorrad

    If anyone is after the parts only, I can supply all for £351.02 inc vat and delivery (normal price £411.52 inc vat and delivery).

    Email me at or give me a call on 01242 335355 if you want more info on these chains or if there is anything else I can do to help.


    01242 335355
    Hi Nick

    Thanks for the breakdown - looking at that you can see how it quickly mounts up! Still going to get it done and now won't feel so bad about the cost!



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    Re: BMW M Endurance Chain

    Hi Nick

    Many thanks for your messages on the group. It’s nice to see a dealer supporting the forums and giving honest and decent advice, aswell as trying to work in some discount. It goes along way.



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