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Thread: BikeSafe Saturday 13th July - Huntingdon, Cambs - 8 places left 45 each

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    BikeSafe Saturday 13th July - Huntingdon, Cambs - 8 places left 45 each

    I just got an email to say that there are still 8 places available for the BikeSafe day on Saturday 13th July for 45 each in Huntingdon Cambridgeshire. See here to book a place for yourself and tell any of your mates too.

    I've done it, its an excellent day out riding for a good few hours in urban, countryside and motorways/dual carriageways with one policeman per two riders. Lunch is provided and the cool part is riding out with the cops when the sea of cars in front of you gets out of the way at the sight of a police motorcyclist riding at pace behind them. I'd only passed my test 3 months before I did my first one in 2007 - I learned a huge amount that day. At one point whilst it was my turn to be observed, I later apologised to the officer for doing 85 mph down a national speed limit country lane - his response was 'Do you know what? You might have chosen to go a bit faster as the road and traffic conditions would have encouraged it!' - Priceless

    The Police mission is to reduce road deaths and injuries for bikers, they also want to show you how to have some fun and how to read the road properly. They critique your riding positively, and otherwise, and give you pointers of how and where to improve your road riding skills and how to make 'good progress' up the road. Observe their riding skills and you will soon realise that they are very cool and collected riders with terrific skills and awareness.

    They want to encourage you to continue to improve your riding skills too and will point you in the direction of RoSPA and IAM, I went on to become an IAM full member about twelve years ago after my first BikeSafe course.

    They are all bikers at work and in their private lives too. I did one last year on my S1000RR and they had all ridden the same bike for work and were very envious.

    Its open to all abilities of riders on all bikes without L plates and they especially want to work with people who've recently passed their bike tests - so if you know anyone in that category in the area, encourage them to go.

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    Re: BikeSafe Saturday 13th July - Huntingdon, Cambs - 8 places left 45 each

    +1 on doing bikesafe, for all the reasons above, plus the local coppers always seem to know the best roads for a ride :-)

    I try to do Bikesafe every couple of years, to see if I have picked up any bad habits. All the ones I have done have been one day affairs (bit of chat over a cuppa, then ride/lunch/ride/chat), and that does still seem to be the norm. However. some forces run them over 2 days, as the one that MrSmooth has highlighted will be - if that doesn't work for you, just keep an eye out for others.

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    Re: BikeSafe Saturday 13th July - Huntingdon, Cambs - 8 places left 45 each

    Excellent day out and so relaxed
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