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    Hi, I'm from Malaysia, just got my first 1000cc bike, the last year model S1000RR. Local dealer offered a deal and the new one isnt coming till Oct, so why not go with a proven & matured platform?

    Previous bikes
    Aprilia RS125
    KTM RC390
    Yamaha R6

    KTM SXF250 converted motard
    Husqvarna TC250 converted motard
    Triumph Street Triple R (what a sweet lovely thing)
    Kawa Zx6R project bike
    Some scooters for running about and a dirt bike laying somewhere

    Reason for getting the S1000RR is for track only, and maybe some fun races when comfortable with it. Everytime there is a trackday, the Kawa is somehow still unsorted. Figured S1000rr would be a nice package to straight convert for track use with minimal mods, so it will always be "ready to ride".

    Todo :
    Arrows full exhaust
    Full size radiator
    racing buttons/controls (because the standard ones look expensive!)
    fairing, handlebars, rearsets and engine guards
    rs2e V2019 mapping + rck3 + HP logger
    SAS delete
    Wheels + rotors

    Will keep the ABS and DDC for now, I'm average at best, so doubt would run into their limit anytime soon.



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    Re: Hello

    Welcome to the forum.
    I am assuming with the latent heat in Malaysia/tropics that's why you want the radiator? The bike runs at 80-100degrees most of the time FYI
    Alpha/jetprime buttons do indeed crash better, but I think expense are similar.

    What are the main tracks, I only know of Sepang.

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    Re: Hello

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new RR!

    Thatís a great collection of bikes you have and mods planned for your RR.

    Enjoy the forum and I hope you have many happy miles ahead of you onboard all of your bikes

    - Oli

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    Re: Hello

    Thanks Alex and Oli.

    Yep, the radiator is more for safeguarding/insurance than anything, seen a few other bikes puke themselves. Many people get by with the std radiator, even for racing, but my mech is not comfortable with it.
    Just riding from the dealer to the garage the other day and it needed nearly steady 100kmh cruise to stay at 80'c. When at any traffic stop or crawl, it will get over 100'c so quickly. Maybe it's the standard Euro 4. We shall see after the remap and exhaust.

    Main track is Sepang, but there are some smaller tracks (between 1 to 3km length) or kart tracks that you can have a little fun on especially with small bikes. Nobody will stop you taking a liter bike in though.

    One trackday organizer can arrange for bikes to be sent to Buriram (Thailand) or Sentul (Indonesia), so that's also on the table.

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