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Thread: Ducati v4s test ride

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    Ducati v4s test ride

    Ok, test rode the v4 yesterday and it freakin blew my mind away...but I have had to be riding a GS for the past 12 months as need to transport kid and school bags around so have been away from sport bike performance, had to laugh as post test ride getting back on the GS felt like the throttle was broken as the bike was a shall we say a little less responsive!

    So as I cant test ride the new RR yet , for those that have test ridden the v4 while still familiar with the RR was it that much of a difference if any?

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    Re: Ducati v4s test ride

    Yes, is the short answer

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    Re: Ducati v4s test ride

    I have a Panigale R and have had several 1199S and to me the V4S felt very similar to earlier Panigales. Its definitely faster but not massively so on the road. I have not taken one on track but my feeling which looked the case when following them on track was that the V4 would turn better and be more manageable at the limit of its particular setup or when not set right for the conditions which is something the earlier bikes can struggle with.
    The S1000RR does feel very different but not in a new/old manner, it's just a very different bike. The Pani rides off the rear wheel for best results whereas the stock BMW is all off the front; although everyone sets it up to shift it onto the back when racing. The big thing that they seem to have fixed with the V4 is to stop it understeering. The V2 is super good in fast flowing corners but understeers so isn't so good in the sharper turns where the BMW is good. The V4 seems to be able to do both plus have uber powers on the straights. I still think the BMW is a more practical bike to own and track/race which is why I decided on the S1000RR. That decision was partly due to the capacity hike of the 1100 V4S, a 1000cc V4R is just stupid expensive and the difference pays for a whole race season.

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    Re: Ducati v4s test ride

    Cheers , that price difference is certainly in the back of mind as is how happy I was on the RR in the past. I also have to contend with the fact that I can have the Pani tomorrow but have no idea as to when I would actually get my mitts on the new rr. I would go Aprilia but Ireland does not really have a dealer network.

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