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Did my final trackday of the year today at donny, was an awesome day!
Now I'm not chasing times as such as a trackday isn't about that for me but I really wanted to see how I've improved after doing 7 days this year.

My first ever day was April I think and a mate 'timed' me at about 2.16.00, today my fastest lap was 1.53.60 using the lap timer function so nothing like technical on either fronts! I'm really happy as I've got so much more confidence in myself and the bike.
Me and my mate actually got moved into the Advanced Group after the sighting laps to even things out numbers wise which terrified me a bit to begin with as it was my first day in the Inters; but seemed to get on fairly well and I wasn't the slowest in the group so always a bonus!

Overall it's been a great year for riding, roll on next year for a lot more track days and some proper tuition.
I've managed to do 1:42.8 on stock s1000rr with shorter gearing. Really depends how fast you learn and push.