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Thread: Noob

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    Re: Noob

    @Huge DTC can only be adjusted in User and Slick modes. However, in User mode there is no restriction on what DTC sub-mode you choose, i.e. Rain, Sport, Race and Slick are all 14 way adjustable.

    I agree with @Loupe in that it is wholly worthwhile experimenting with the User mode.
    It just means you can pick and choose your preferred components of the default riding modes.

    I personally enjoy this setup for road use:
    ABS: Race (least intrusive but still with rear active)
    DTC: Slick (wheelies )
    Engine: Race (still has some engine breaking)
    DDC: Sport (most compliant option with the above setup).
    You can still configure the DDC further within the setup menu, which is also well worthwhile.


    Now I think itís time for a Campari & Soda

    - Oli

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    Re: Noob

    Thanks for the warm welcome 👍🏻 Iíll tell some more been riding for 30 years and more . sports riding a few track days a bit of drag racing a long time ago and just get out for a blast with the lads . Had an Aprilia tuono v4r it was a great bike but too fast for upright riding so back to a sports bike and a rr ticked all the boxes 😎

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