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Thread: Accident / BMW Warranty / Insurance / Loan Bike

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    Re: Accident / BMW Warranty / Insurance / Loan Bike

    Amit. You're being messed around. Decide what's best for you (buying a bike, hire suitable replacement yourself, etc.), you might want legal advice on that. Then write a letter giving them 7 days notice of your intention to do X, and threaten them with your legal fees and reporting to their ombudsman if they do not do Y.
    Even if you're not getting legal advice, make it sound like you are (letter templates on line). Copy in the chief exec etc. Be polite. Good luck. H

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    Re: Accident / BMW Warranty / Insurance / Loan Bike

    Sorry to hear about your accident Amit. Glad your ok that's the main thing, bikes/cars can be fixed people it's a little harder.

    Anyway firstly has the 3rd party accepted full liability/do you have any independent witnesses? If the answer to this is yes then it's pretty straight forward, you can deal direct with his insurance company, get them to supply you with a courtesy bike (it's in there best interests as it keeps hire costs down) as yours is unrideable for the duration of the repairs.

    If the 3rd party is contesting it and you don't have any witnesses then let your insurance company deal with it and authorise your repairs then they can fight it on your behalf.

    Did you not tick the courtesy bike box when you took out your insurance policy, if not push barnstormer for one, I would be surprised if they couldn't supply you one seen as they are carrying out the repairs to your bike. If they do supply you one and the 3rd party admit liability then they would be able to charge the 3rd party insurance a daily rate which would be much cheaper than a non fault hire company would. Non fault hire company's are ok to use providing there is a full admission of liability from the 3rd party, with some you can pay a one of payment (usually about 15) called angel cover and it exonerates you from any future costs if the 3rd party decides to change there mind.

    It all depends on the 3rd party as to whether his insurance get you mobile straight away or whether you need to push barnstormer for a c/bike.

    I can't understand why you contacted BMW warranty when it's not a warranty issue, it should be BMW emergency services.

    Hope this helps you Amit

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    Re: Accident / BMW Warranty / Insurance / Loan Bike

    If you don't take a car/bike then will they offer a daily allowance? When my bike was knocked over several years go it ended up waiting in the dealer for five/six weeks so the third party's insurance (Direct Line) paid me 10/day which I used for the train. I'd opt for public transport for a few weeks (assuming that's possible for you) over attempting to buy/insure/tax/dispose of a hack. Best of luck (glad to hear you're ok).

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